The Plateau-Mont-Royal is a recognized borough for several reasons:

It is near the city center (borough of Ville-Marie).
It is close to various cultural institutions and activities.
It welcomes a young population, attracted in large numbers by the opening in the 1960s of the University of Quebec in Montreal.
  • It has several specialty shops.
  • It offers a great architectural variety.
  • It has a positive reputation conveyed by the connected population.
  • There is no need to own a car, as it is served by three subway stations (Sherbrooke, Mont-Royal, Laurier) and a network of cycle paths, including the Route Verte Crosses.
  • It is the first arrondissement to implement the green alleys of Montreal; There are 52 alleyways reverdies (2013).
  • A phenomenon of enthusiasm is observable there. For example, many rents have doubled since the early 2000s, probably because of the fact that the neighborhood is being run.

    This neighborhood has two of the largest parks in Montreal:

    The park La Fontaine

  • And Mount Royal Park